Still Hunting For These Items/Making Progress

Super excited to say that I'm halfway there to owning the full Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Diorama set! Found Bidoof then earlier this week I won the Chimchar and Pikachu pieces on YahooJapan!
Now I just need Piplup, Munchlax, and Turtwig. If anyone has these for sale let me know!

Also, as usual if anyone has any of these Pokemon Mystery Dungeon gashapon secret base houses for sale please let me know. Chikorita in particular but I'm hoping to have the complete set someday!

Have a great holiday, everyone!


Shiny Hasbro Chikorita Figure

Chikorita funwari fuzzy figure

Meganium funwari fuzzy figure

Gashapon Mystery Dungeon House

Chikorita Mascot sewing kit

Reversible Pokeball Chikorita

Inflatable Chikorita

Chikorita KutaKuta